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번호 구분 학술지명 논문명 교신저자 게재년월 파일
29 Journal Oncogene USP8 suppresses death receptor-mediated apoptosis by enhancing FLIPL stability Song J 2016 Jun
28 Journal BMB Rep New role of E3 ubiquitin ligase in the regulation of necroptosis Song J 2016 May
27 Journal Mol Cell Oncol USP11: A key regulator of cIAP2 stability and sensitivity to SMAC mimetics Song J 2015 Apr
26 Journal Nat Cell Biol CHIP controls necroptosis through ubiquitylation- and lysosome-dependent degradation of RIPK3 Song J 2016 Mar
25 Journal Arch Pharm Res The multifaceted factor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) in metabolism, immunity, and cancer Song J 2015 Mar
24 Jornal Nat Commun PI3K/AKT activation induces PTEN ubiquitination and destabilization accelerating tumourigenesis Song J 2015.Jul
23 Journal Biochem Biophys Res Commun Camptothecin and topotecan inhibit adipocyte differentiation by inducing degradation of PPARγ Song J 2015 Aug
22 Journal Cell Death Differ USP11-dependent selective cIAP2 deubiquitylation and stabilization determine sensitivity to Smac mimetics Song J. 2015.Sep
21 Journal Cell Death Differ Suppression of PPARγ through MKRN1-mediated ubiquitination and degradation prevents adipocyte differentiation Jaewhan Song 2014 Jan
20 Journal Cell Death Differ Stabilization of p21 (Cip1/WAF1) following Tip60-dependent acetylation is required for p21-mediated DNA damage response Jaewhan Song 2012 Dec
19 Journal J Natl Cancer Inst Acceleration of Gastric Tumorigenesis Through MKRN1-Mediated Posttranslational Regulation of p14ARF Jaewhan Song 2012 Nov
18 Journal Nat Commun Ubiquitination and degradation of the FADD adaptor protein regulate death receptor-mediated apoptosis and necroptosis Jaewhan Song 2012 Jul
17 Journal Int J Biochem Cell Biol Ei24-deficiency attenuates protein kinase Cα signaling and skin carcinogenesis in mice 공동저자 2012 Nov
16 Journal Clin Exp Metastasis STAT3 silencing enhances the efficacy of the HSV.tk suicide gene in gastrointestinal cancer therapy 공동저자 2012 Apr
15 Journal BMB Rep The roles of FADD in extrinsic apoptosis and necroptosis Jaewhan Song 2012 Sep
14 Journal Oncogene Hdm2 negatively regulates telomerase activity by functioning as an E3 ligase of hTERT Jaewhan Song 2010 Jul
13 Journal J Virol MKRN1 induces degradation of West Nile virus capsid protein by functioning as an E3 ligase Jaewhan Song 2010 Jan
12 Journal EMBO J Differential regulation of p53 and p21 by MKRN1 E3 ligase controls cell cycle arrest and apoptosis Jaewhan Song 2009 Jul
11 Journal J Cell Sci PMLIV functions as a negative regulator of telomerase by interacting with hTERT Jaewhan Song 2009 Aug
10 Journal BMB Rep Jab1 has negative effects on p53-mediated genotoxic stresses Jaewhan Song 2009 May

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